If you have regular committed payments to make abroad then the key is to be organised and be able to do business with confidence, knowing your rate is fixed, regardless of any market volatility between the time the rate is agreed and when we deliver your currency to its destination.

We recommend planning ahead is vital and to maintain excellent exchange rates for your future payments, so you can budget accurately and forecast expenses with certainty.

We tailor forward contracts for you, this will give you the flexibility to draw down on funds or extend expiry dates that will enable you to plan based on your needs.

This straightforward contract allows you to exchange two designated currencies, on a future date, at a fixed exchange rate, providing predictable cash flow.

Elys Foreign Exchange Agency has the experience and knowledge to understand the importance of corporate business transaction. Not only are you in a position that you are required to make the overseas payments, but the company’s credibility and reputation is at stake.

  • Plan ahead with certainty
  • Guaranteed Rates
  • Accurate Forecasting
  • Flexible Delivery
  • Show Professional Service on your part
  • Stress free business planning

You can speak to one of our competent dealers who will be more than welcome to assist you in arranging these contract payments.